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Background of the MBRS Program

On June 1972, The Minority Biomedical Research Support Program was formed to increase minority opportunities in biomedical research.
The mission of the Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) Program of NIGMS is "to increase the numbers of minority faculty, students, and investigators engaged in biomedical research and to broaden the opportunities for participation in biomedical research of minority faculty, students, and investigators, by providing general support for biomedical research programs at eligible institutions."

On 1997, in an effort to increase the number of participants and flexibility of student development activities, the MBRS program announces major changes in its grant programs. The traditional MBRS grant mechanisms are replaced with two new initiatives: Support of Continuous Research Excellence (SCORE) and Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) . These programs join the existing MBRS IMSD program.

Now (2006), because the individual focus of scholarly research at minority-serving institutions (MSIs), the Support of Competitive Research (SCORE: same acronym, revised name) program has been revamped to offer MSIs’ individual investigators the possibility to apply for funding opportunities according to their developmental level. Additionally, the SCORE program offers separate institutional funding to strengthen the research environment that will foster faculty participation in research. Due to this change, the SCORE program now offers three kinds of individual investigator-initiated awards (SC1, SC2, and SC3, see below) and an independent S06 institutional award which replace the “old” institutional S06 mechanism in which there was an administrative core with a combination of regular and/or pilot subprojects. more info...

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