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Vidya Manian, Ph.D.

email: manian@ece.uprm.edu
Current Projects with MBRS-SCORE funds:
Statistical Modeling and Classification for Skin Cancer Detection using Hyperspectral and Microscopic Images



B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering , A. C. (1990)College of Eng. and Tech., Karaikudi, India..
M.S. Electrical Engineering , (1995) University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, PR.
Ph.D. Computing, Information Science and Engineering , (2004) University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, PR.

Professional Experience:

2005 - Present

Post doctoral research associate Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez.
Visiting scholar Lane Dept. of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, West Virginia University,
Morgantown, WV.


  • Face detection using statistical and multi-resolution texture features, V. Manian and A. Ross Multimedia Cyberspace Journal, Special Issue on Pattern Recognition and Bioinformatics, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 1-9, 2005.

  • Approaches to color and texture based image classification, V. Manian and R. Vasquez, Journal of Optical Engineering, SPIE, July 2002.

  • Texture classification using logical operators, V. Manian, R. Vásquez, and P. Katiyar, IEEE Trans. on image processing, Vol. 9, No: 10, pp. 1693-1703, Oct. 2000.

  • Scaled and rotated texture classification using a class of basis functions, V. Manian and R. Vásquez, Journal of Pattern Recognition, Vol. 31, No. 12, pp. 1937-1948, 1998.

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