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The Mission

The mission of MBRS is to increase significantly the number of underrepresented minorities conducting biomedical research. The purpose of SCORE is to provide financial assistance to competitive research programs in all areas of biomedical and behavioral research at institutions with significant underrepresented minority student enrollment in order to strengthen their biomedical research capability. This assistance takes the form of grants to support scientifically meritorious and biomedically relevant research by faculty members at minority serving institutions. The institution sets its own specific goals and measurable objectives consistent with the MBRS mission and objectives.

The mission and objectives of UPRM are described in a lengthy statement in the Comprehensive Self-Study Report to the Middle States Accreditation Commission, March, 1995. Objectives 1 and 13 state that the efforts of the campus will be equally divided between instruction, research, and community service and that the institution will encourage technical and professional development of campus employees. The Administrative Board of the Campus approved a strategic plan on 30 June 1977 that includes as its fifth of nine goals to strengthen research and development. The stated intent of this goal is to broaden research opportunities and link them to the needs of the Island. Among the specific proposals is to promote faculty participation in externally funded research.

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