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Progress Report 08-09 Announcement

In order to get continued support from NIGMS-MBRS-SCORE Program, we have to submit the annual progress report of our grant S06-GM08103.  This progress report must be at NIGMS two (2) months before the beginning date of the next budget period which is May 1, 2009.  Since we have to prepare a Program progress report (this part corresponds to the Administrative office) we need the individual subproject information to complete the preparation. 

Individual subprojects must follow instructions on PHS 2590 and SCORE Supplemental Instructions.  Streamlined Non-Competing Award Process (SNAP) will be use in order to avoid submission of next year’s annual budget since our budget has been approved for a total of four (4) years.

Specific instructions have been sent to each researcher by internal mail along with copies of PHS 2590 forms, SCORE supplemental instructions and a list of changes in the preparation process.  Researchers can also access all the information in this site.

Although the Progress Report should reach NIGMS by March 1, 2009, the individual subprojects report must be at our administrative office by January 15, 2009.  This  will allow the administration enough time for the preparation of the Program Progress Report  and submit this global report to NIH.

A number of changes have been made in the process of preparation of your yearly report and these are outlined below:

  • Form Page 7 Key Personnel Report – this column requests the amount of time spent on research which NIH calls “person month”, this can be calendar month, academic or summer instead of percent time as was done earlier.   This change is applied to all forms that require time dedicated to research (Budget & Other Support).

  • Biographical Sketch Format Page – Instructions have changad to eliminate page limit for each section.  The total number of pages remains at four (4) but without any limits for each section.

  •  Publications -  The instructions have been changed to allow for the researcher to put a “link” that can take the reader to a web site where the publications can be found or to NIH PubMed Central  instead of sending hard copies of the publications.

We also attach copies of the objectives established in the original proposal.  The progress in completion of the established goals has to be evaluated in each progress report. Although this will be inserted in the administrative report we need information from you to facilitate the process.

Together with the instructions you will have to complete forms for the submission.  The following is a short description of these :

These forms do not form  part of your report but should be submitted to us nonetheless.

Please note that the font that needs to be used for your report is  Arial no smaller than 11 and no larger than 12, according to NIH instructions.  The reports should not be paginated since they will be paginated in the global report.  Please use continuation page form for preparing the report.  The reports should be submitted in hard copy as well as an electronic copy to facilitate compilation.

We also attach the format of an assurance letter. In this you have to certify that the information submitted by you is correct and does not contain fraudulent information.  This certification will be held in our office and will be submitted to the agency when required .  Please submit this along with your report.

If you have any questions or doubts please contact our administrative office.

Phone: (787) 834 3165
Fax: (787) 834-3165
e-mail: mbrs[AT]uprm[dot]edu
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