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Proposal Objectives

Objective: At least 50% of the projects submitted to the SCORE program will be new researchers. This goal is directly relevant to the increase of minority researchers involved in biomedical and behavioral research. Especially relevant to this goal is the recruitment of new faculty to submit proposals with our program. One of the major ways of accomplishing this is the establishment of an annual seed grant (institution funded) for junior researchers, who will establish a research project in biomedical and behavioral sciences with the mentorship of a senior researcher who has, or has had a SCORE grant. We have recently established such a program on our campus and two of the three seed fund grantees are submitting a subproject proposal in this cycle. This program is funded jointly by the Faculty of Arts and Science, Faculty of Engineering and the Research and Development Center of our institution.

Objective: New projects will average two papers published or at least submitted by the end of four years with at least one from the MBRS project. Second cycle projects will average five papers published or submitted by the end of the cycle with at least three from the MBRS project. The evaluation of the development of research projects is directly related to the number of publications in peer reviewed journals. New projects to SCORE as well as renewal projects will thus be expected to be productive in terms of publication of research and this process will help the transition of senior researchers to “mainstream” funding. We are currently meeting the above mentioned objective but variation of publication rates among projects is considerable. This objective will thus establish a baseline for the evaluation of future submissions especially for the competitive renewals.

Objective: New projects will have at least two national MBRS-related presentations during the four year period. Second cycle projects will average at least one national MBRS related presentation per year. In addition to peer-reviewed publications the presentations by SCORE participants will be monitored as an index for the progress of research made by each subproject. Presentations made not only by the PI but the other members of the PI’s research group would be a good measure of research training activities during the period of the SCORE grant.

Objective: Fifty percent of PIs of new projects will have other support in effect or pending by the date of the renewal application. All of the PIs of second cycle projects will have other support in effect or pending by the date of the renewal application. One of the measures of success of the SCORE program is to see the “graduation” of senior researchers from the SCORE program and into other mainstream funding sources. Junior researchers should also be actively seeking funding from other sources.

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