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For sub-projects that will submitted to NIH in May 2006

The NIH-MBRS SCORE (Support of Continuous Research Excellence) program at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, for over thirty years has been a source for funding for original investigator initiated bio-medical research through the National Institutes of general medical sciences.

One of the objectives of the program is to increase the number of bio-medical researchers in UPR-Mayaguez. To effectively do that, we are announcing a request for pre-proposals for consideration for inclusion into a larger proposal to be submitted to NIH in May 2006.

The objective of this request is to help select subprojects to be a part of a larger proposal to NIH in May 2006.


  • Be a full time professor or researcher at UPRM with a tenure-track appointment

  • Do biomedically oriented research

  • Would be willing to submit a four year project to NIH if the pre-proposal is selected.


The application should contain the following in a total of five pages (in the order described):

  • Specific Aims (1 page)

  • 4 pages of

Background and significance including biomedical relevance

Preliminary data/progress report

experimental design and methods


  • List of potential reviewers

  • A two page NIH style curriculum vitae

Note: pre-proposals missing any of the above components will not be considered

Pre-proposals should be written in a font size of 10-12.

Please note that the pre-proposal should be prepared for a four year proposal to be submitted to NIH.


Pre-proposals (one hard copy and one electronic copy) should reach the NIH-MBRS SCORE program office ( R&D center, main building, Rm 210) no later than August 15, 2005. It is anticipated that the results of the initial review will be communicated to the PIs by October 15, 2005 and the deadline for submission of the full proposals will be December 9, 2005.
For questions please send an e-mail to :
Ms. Nora Soto ( nsoto@uprm.edu ) or
Dr. Govind Nadathur ( g_nadathur@cima.uprm.edu ).

You can also reach us by phone at (787)834 3165.

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