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MRI and CT SCan Based 3D

Yi Jia Ph.D.


Advance bio-medical techniques frequently require three dimensional (3D) geometric representations rather than 2D photographic images CT (Computed Tomography) or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), of human anatomical organs. These 3D geometric models, either simulated or 3D rapid prototyping, can be used for analyses of physical problem, as well as visualization of anatomical organs for diagnosis, guided surgery, and the implant of human parts. However, it is difficult to visualize the correct 3D geometry of anatomical organ structure from 2D medical images. Thus, 3D reconstruction of the human anatomical organs has been an intriguing problem.

In this project, we aim at developing an interactive software tool for automatically creating 3D model of anatomical organs of human body parts from 2D medical data (CT or MRI). 3D model will be created by using Marching Cubes algorithm in Solid Works ® environment, which is the most useful and powerful 3D software for engineering applications. The key steps of this technique are image pre-segmentation, edge intersections, surface location, inter-slice connectivity, and volume visualization.

It is the first effort that image processing and 3D visualization will be developed in Solid Works Application Programming Interface (API) by Visual Basic Language to provide high-resolution volume visualization, simple rendering, and fast 3D solid modeling based on MRI and CT image. An interface to convert the 3D models into Rapid Prototyping data for manufacturing will be developed simultaneously, which will help the surgeon to prepare the operations in close detail, produce biomedical implants for organs replacement, provide engineering testing and perform various bio-mechanics simulation.

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