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Biomedical Studies in cancer Research for Diagnosis and Treatment by Analysis of Intracellular Proteins in Live Human HeLa Cells by Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Fluorescene Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) using One Photon Confocal Scanning Optical Microscope

Luis A. Rivera Ph.D.


The biomedical significance of this project is the development of ultra-sensitive diagnostic methods (in-vivo molecular tests) at the single molecule level to detect and quantify proteins, present in carcinogenic tissues which may be identified as biomarkers, defined as biomolecules produced by the organism during the initiation and development phases of carcinogenesis which can act as intracellular biosensors of biochemical activity associated with the onset of carcinogenesis; allowing an early detection of cancer disease. In addition, the analytical techniques developed in this project have the potential of enabling the discovery of the intricate molecular processes involved in the formation of different types of carcinogenic cells.

Furthermore, there is a great potential for identifying molecular targets, such as specific proteins for inducing apoptosis of these pathogenic cells. Drugs with the desired adverse effect on specific and localized proteins may, then, be identified in real-time. Protein therapeutic drugs could be targeted to the specific proteins within the carcinogenic cells to identify possible protein-protein interactions with deleterious effect to the carcinogenic cells; in effect, identifying drugs with significant anti-cancer activity.

The results of this research have the potential of advancing the identification of appropriate drug treatments of carcinogenic cells and improving diagnosis and therapeutic medical treatment of cancer disease.

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