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Isolation of peptides with anti-microbial properties in amphibian skin secretions

Carlos A. Acevedo-Suárez Ph.D


The long term goal of this project is to isolate and identify small peptides obtained from skin secretions of amphibians in Puerto Rico that exhibit anti-microbial properties. With this work we will gain further insight into how innate defense mechanisms are triggered and have a better understanding of how innate immunity confers protection against disease. The advances made in elucidating the properties of anti-microbial peptides (AMPs) will allow for the development and testing of novel strategies for the treatment and/or prevention of diseases caused by infectious microorganisms.

The proposed research seeks to establish a catalog of small peptides with anti-microbial properties (AMPs) produced by the skin of amphibians endemic to Puerto Rico. AMPs are important mediators of innate immunity whose role has not been fully explored. At present, the profile of AMPs produced by amphibian populations endemic to Puerto Rico is unknown. The AMPs obtained though this project will be tested against a panel of microorganisms using standard assays to determine their effect on microbial growth and survival.

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