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Call for MBRS-SCORE Seed Money Proposal 2006-2007

The NIH-MBRS SCORE (Support for Continued Research Excellence) Program at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, for over thirty years has been a source for funding  for original investigator  initiated biomedical research through the National Institutes of General Medical Sciences.

One of the objectives of the program is to increase the number of underrepresented minority scientists doing biomedical research in UPR-Mayagüez.  To effectively do that, we are announcing a request for proposals for seed funds for the year 2006-2007. 

The objective of this request is to help junior researchers (faculty with less than five years of service and senior postdoctoral associates) to start or establish a career in biomedical research.   The seed grants will help initiate research that can eventually result in the submission of a larger proposal to the NIH. 


  • Be a full time professor or researcher at UPRM.

  • If you are a post-doctoral researcher or a special appointment, you should be a member of an academic department at UPRM. Your department director should endorse your application. Preference will be given to junior faculty over post-doctoral associates.

  • A senior faculty member involved in biomedical research must act as a “mentor” for your research project.  This “mentor” should be willing to help you with the design, writing and execution of the proposal, if funded. He should also be willing to help with the eventual proposal to NIH. Hence mentors that have experience with previous NIH funding will be preferred.
  • Only one proposal per person will be allowed.

  • Must make a commitment to submit a sub-project pre-proposal which if accepted will be a part of a larger proposal to NIH in the following year. 

  • Researchers with previous seed funding are ineligible. 

Allowable/Unallowable Costs

Maximum amount for the funding will be $7,000.00.  Matching funds from the faculty and/or the department of the applicant is strongly encouraged.

Allowable (which should be justified) costs include:  small equipment (less than 25% of total funding), supplies and services. Please note that a detailed budget justification must be included with the budget.
Unallowable costs: salaries for the PI, purchase of computers/printers, subscription to journals, purchase of books, travel and student fellowships/assistantships.


The application should contain the following (in the order described):

  1. A cover page containing the following information:  Title of the project, name and affiliation of the P.I. with signature, name and affiliation of the mentor with signature, signature of the department head or the person authorizing match funds (if applicable).

  2. One page budget describing the categories and a justification

  3. One page curriculum vitae of the P.I.

  4. Project description (five pages without bibliography):

    • Project summary (250-300 words) with five key words

    • Goals and Objectives with a short background

    • Research design and methods

    • References

Proposals should be written in a font size of 10-12 and double spaced.
Please note that the proposal, after the initial work should warrant a larger proposal to the NIH. 

Final Report

A final report should be submitted within three months of the completion of the seed grant.  A summarized version of the research should be submitted.  A no cost extension can be submitted one month prior to the completion date of the project. Publications resulting from the research should acknowledge seed funding.


One hard copy and one electronic copy of proposal should reach the NIH-MBRS SCORE program office (R&D center, main building, Rm 210) no later than December 15, 2006. Anticipated start date will be February 1, 2007.

Phone: (787) 834 3165
Fax: (787) 834-3165
e-mail: mbrs[AT]uprm[dot]edu
University of Puerto Rico at MayagŁez
Research and Development Center
Main Building, Office 210
Mayaguez, PR